Trying to Figure Out How to Get Paying Clients on Facebook Driving You Crazy? 

Finally a Step By Step PROGRAM So Simple ANYONE Can Follow To Create a Vibrant Facebook Group of Ideal Clients Who Engage With Your Content And Are Eager To Purchase Your Programs & Services 


Is this you….

• You’re racking your brain trying to figure out how to break the code of getting paying coaching CLIENTS on Facebook.

• You’ve built a Facebook group yourself, but either the ENGAGEMENT is as dead or you just don’t have any idea how to make money from its members.

• You have an AWESOME program that you are dying to get in the hands of the people who need it, but you just don’t know where to start.

• You’re posting in other groups, but just can’t seem to get any traction.

• You can’t figure out how to grow an engaged Facebook group, filled with potential BUYERS of your program & services effectively without coming across as pushy or spammy.

Are You Worried That If You Don't Start Finding Clients 
Online Soon You're Going To Have To Put This Dream of Yours on The Shelf?

Hi....I'm Dallas Piana 

Hey I get it. Nothing more frustrating than buying course after course, spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to get clients online and feel like your just not getting anywhere. 

You're still at the exact same place you were a year ago...maybe 3 years ago. The online learning curve is pretty steep when you have no one to guide you. 

Hi! My name is Dallas Piana and I can really relate. 

I too have spent thousands of dollars on courses; email marketing, content marketing, branding, social media marketing, traffic, copy-writing, sales and all those courses never showed how each marketing aspect is tied together. 
Until suddenly I came across what was missing and was able to pull it all together easily.  End to end!!!

One of my clients, who had no marketing experience at all, followed my step by step process to build an audience, establish her authority with them and sold her high ticket coaching packages with ease and was making $10,000 within 10 weeks of working with me and following my program. 

Others continue to improve their CASH & CLIENT FLOW month after month!  

> 10 sessions booked in one month
> 10K months after month!
> 500 members in a new group in less than 40 days!
> 5 private 1:1 booked for 3 months of coaching 
> 4 clients booked in a weekend > $6,000

It's all about putting in place a marketing, sales and delivery system that attracts, nurtures and converts your prospects into clients.  And this is exactly what you will learn and implement in my group coaching program!!

Imagine if you could finally sell your program and services!
Imagine if you could be fully booked with clients you adored!


Learn From Me Personally In Group Growth, Impact & Prosperity Program How To GROW Your Facebook Group, CREATE Meaningful Interactions With Your Group Members, Establish Your AUTHORITY With a Pipeline Full Of People Who Want To BUY Your Programs & Services.  Sell Effortlessly To Fill Your Programs Throughout The Year, All Done Organically Without Spending 
A Dime On Facebook Ads. 🚀

In this program you will learn:

✅The step-by-step process to grow & leverage a Facebook group of engaged ideal clients READY TO BUY your program & services. 

✅How to create an ENDLESS pipeline of ideal clients that wants what your program and services can SOLVE. 
✅How to setup all your Facebook platforms for OPTIMAL visibility, engagement, impact and flow.

✅How to use customer research to determine EXACTLY what to SELL to your ideal client based on what they really want.

✅How to tap members right when they enter your group with the EXACT information they are looking for to help them solve one of their problems. They’ll think you’re reading their minds.

✅Never run out of ideas on what to post on Facebook. You’ll have access to a coveted list of over 60 content ideas for posts plus COPIOUS sample posts you can start using right away.

✅The SECRET strategy & templates to create a month’s worth of valuable content that creates MEANINGFUL ENGAGEMENT on Facebook in less than an hour.

✅Scripts GALORE, from messenger messages, strategy calls, interview and request for testimonial scripts, welcome messages, emails, invitation scripts, closing sales and more.

✅Learn the exact steps to MASTER the messenger qualifying & sales framework. Moving your ideal client from a messenger chat to a strategy/sales call and close the sale with EASE.

✅How to design and structure a program of your expertise so you can start PROSPERING from your clients right away in a group setting.

✅Proven strategies to INCREASE your group membership by leveraging other groups in your field as well as daily/weekly tasks to keep your momentum up.


🚀An entire module filled with lessons on how to grow your email list using a lead magnet and landing page. 

🚀 Access to my training library opened 24/7 filled with step by step instructions, templates, swipe files, scripts, video walk throughs and how to's. All printable and downloadable for your use. 

🚀An exclusive paid members-only community of driven focused business owners who are growing their Facebook group right alongside you, so that you can learn from them, avoid the pitfalls, collaborate with each other and GET ACCELERATED RESULTS!! Accessibility to me throughout the week so to keep you moving forward to reach your goal.

🚀Weekly small GROUP COACHING with Q&A and a ton of personal support from me through your implementation to ensure you leverage your Facebook group and launch one of your programs or services.

Here's what's happening when coaches work with me, their businesses explode!
"Had 4 sales calls today + closed ALL!!!  WINNING" - Lindsey Santellan
$10K in 8 weeks working with Dallas Piana - Nicole Hansult
"Keep doing what Dallas has taught us" - Maria Macias
Group Growth Impact & Prosperity Program
Over the course of 12-months you'll attract an audience of ideal clients, build meaningful relations with people who become your clients & customers.  Here's how...

Client Success Stories



Access to ME!  

🔥 Unlimited access to me via our private Facebook group.

🔥 Unlimited access to me via Facebook messenger

BONUS #2 >> $497 Value

How to Setup a One Time Offer Including an 
Email Follow Up Series. 

🔥An entire module filled with lessons on how to set up a One Time Offer so you can start making money from the get go. 

BONUS #3 >> $679 Value 

Masterclass Full Access
Recording & Slide Deck 

🔥Recording and Slides to  'How to Set Up a Low Ticket Masterclass in a Weekend for Your Audience".  Start generating trust from your audience with a low ticket offer & inject some cash into your business FAST! 

Here's a summary of everything you get...
This is not your typical "course".  You're provided with everything you need to be successful all in one program!  
With support through implementation, accountability and accessibility!!
The Complete Group Growth Impact & Prosperity Program

Step-by-step process accessed through a training library that's proven to grow your audience with a private group, as we position you as the authority in your field, show you how to engage and create meaningful interactions, create & sell your program and services to an eager to buy group. ($3000 Value)

Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Calls

So you have clarity on what exactly you 
need to do to move forward in your business 
in the coming week ($15,600 Value)

Access to the GGIPP Private Facebook Group
So that you can get your questions answers in real time, collaborate with others dynamic women in the program, share wins and just be a part of community of people who are serious about building their business with a Facebook group. ($3000 Value)
100% Money Back Guarantee!
We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too. Therefore, as long as you do the homework and show that you made an effort, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 30 days of purchase.


🌸 Complete Group Growth Impact & Prosperity Program ($3000)
🌸 Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Calls ($15,600)
🌸  Access to the Private Facebook Group ($3000)
🌸  Bonus #1 - Access to Dallas through Private FB Group & Messenger
🌸  Bonus #2 - Set Up a One Time Offer Using Clickfunnels 
        Includes Follow Up Email Series ($487)  
🌸  Bonus #3 - "How to Set Up a Low Ticket Masterclass in a         Weekend for Your Audience" Masterclass ($697)

Total Value = $37,784

Pay in Full TODAY $3,600 
(save $600)

Or Pay $350/mo for 12 months  

This Offer Expires SOON!
$3600 Limited Offer

Monthly Payment Plan Available 
at $350 per month for 12 months

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